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Baskets of pears, squash and red onions

Say hello

to some of our team members

Adam Zook from Emerald Park IGA holds his favourite local products

Adam Zook

Emerald Park IGA

"To us, being a friendly neighbour is having the opportunity to be a part of our immediate community. We love providing a safe, clean & inviting shopping experience to each customer that enters our store. It also means supporting our community by volunteering and sharing our talents and treasures with the community that supports us!"

Favourite Local Product:

Good Spirit Kombucha & Hanes Hummus

Kyle and Rhonda Camilleri from Lakeview IGA

Kyle & Rhonda Camilleri

Lakeview IGA

"To us, being a friendly neighbor means engaging with our community, from helping local schools and teams to giving back whenever possible. This is what makes IGA truly a community store."

Favourite Local Product:

De Minico's Pasta Sauces

Shawn and Marie Eltom holds their favourite products.

Shawn & Marie Eltom

Banff IGA

"Being a friendly neighbor means surprising and delighting the community with going above and beyond expectations. That brings us the most joy."

Favourite Local Product:

Rviita Energy Tea & Twigz Craft Pretzels

Jarvis Diamond

Nipawin IGA Save-U, Saskatchewan

“My favourite memory at IGA was taking Barry, a long-term employee to a Saskatchewan Roughrider Game, to celebrate his 40 years at IGA.”

Favourite Local Product: Super Dave’s Honey

Dean & Amanda Wright

Altona IGA, Manitoba

“There have been a few great memories working at the store, but one sticks out. Dean was helping to raise funds for our Annual Stock the Shelves campaign by sleeping on the rooftop of the mall in the cold winter until the funds were raised.

We called it Hampers for Campers – to raise awareness that not everyone gets a chance to sleep in a warm bed or have a hot meal. All proceeds went to the Rhineland Food Bank here in the area.”

Favourite Local Product: Ronnie’s Seeds, Spenst Brothers Pizza, Rede Made Perogies, and Pioneer Farmer Sausage

Wayne Zook

Emerald Park IGA, Saskatchewan

“Being a friendly neighbour is about being a part of the community and getting to know your customers and providing great service to them.”

Favourite Local Product: Sola Italia Neapolitan Wood Oven Pizza

To us, local doesn't just mean local; it means something

so much more.