Thai Curry Mussels & Clams

Prep time: 5min
Total time: 20min
Serves 8
1 can
Diced Tomatoes, drained
796 mL
2/3 cup
Thai Yellow Curry Cooking Sauce
150 mL
1 cup
light coconut milk
250 mL
1 tbsp
fresh lime juice
15 mL
3 lbs
fresh mussels, cleaned
1.5 kg
3 lbs
fresh clams, cleaned
1.5 kg
1/4 cup
finely sliced green onions
60 mL
1/8 of the recipe
8 g
15 g
39 g


  1. Preheat barbecue to high. In a large aluminum roasting pan, combine tomatoes, cooking sauce, coconut milk and lime juice. Season lightly with salt and pepper.

  2. Place mussels and clams in a single layer in pan; cover tightly with foil. Place on grill, close lid and cook until shellfish open, 12 to 15 min. Remove roasting pan from grill. Discard any closed shellfish.

  3. Spoon mussels and clams onto a large serving platter or into a bowl; spoon sauce overtop and garnish with green onions.